University of Innsbruck, Austria

2015 – 2020
Lecturer, General Linear Models in R, Personality and Individual Differences in Music Psychology, Classical Test Theory, Auditory Perception (for M.Sc. students in Psychology)
Lecturer, Auditory Perception and Cognition, Computer-Aided Data Evaluation II, Experimental Psychology Seminar (for B.Sc. students in Psychology)

University of Vienna, Austria

2013 – 2015 Instructor, Introduction to Vertebrate Bioacoustics, Introduction to MATLAB (for graduate students in Cognitive Science), and Generalized Linear Models in R (for graduate students in Cognitive Biology).

Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada

2013 Guest Lecturer (videoconferences). Lectures on “Musical Performance Research” and “Music and Emotions”.

University of Graz, Austria

2012 Visiting Professor at the Centre for Systematic Musicology (summer term), Psychoacoustics and Music Cognition and Proseminar on Empirical Approaches to Music Psychology.

Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

2009 – 2013 Guest Lecturer. Co-organiser for the laboratory sessions for the M.Sc. in Music, Mind, and Brain program. Lectures on “Musical Performance Research” and “Theories on the Origins of Music.”

Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2002 – 2007 Instructor, 20th-Century Theory and Analysis (three times), Tonal Counterpoint, Elementary Harmony and Analysis, and Melody and Counterpoint.
2001 – 2008 Teaching Assistant, Music Perception and Cognition (twice), Tonal Theory and Analysis I, Elementary Harmony and Analysis, and Melody and Counterpoint.